About THMT-18

The 9th triennial symposium, after Lisbon (1994), Delft (1997), Nagoya (2000), Antalya (2003), Dubrovnik (2006), Rome (2009), Palermo (2012) and Sarajevo (2015), will provide a new opportunity for scientists and engineers to present and discuss recent advances, current issues and future prospects in heat and mass transfer associated with turbulence. Major topics and trends will be introduced by internationally recognized keynote speakers.


What we'll be talking about

1. Fundamentals
2. Experimental Techniques
3. RANS Methods
4. DNS and LES Studies
5. Combined RANS and LES
6. Turbulence and Buoyancy
7. Impingement, Separation, Rotation
8. Compressibility and High Speed Flows
9. Mixing
10. Combustion and Reacting Flows
11. Electro-conductive Fluids & MHD
12. Flow and Heat Transfer Control
13. Turbulence in Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow
14. Turbulence in Microchannels
15. Multiphase Flow
16. Environmental and Geophysical Flows
17. Energy
18. Industrial Applications
19. Special Topics


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