Keynote Speakers

8 great speakers!

Renato M. Cotta

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Computational-Analytical Integral Transforms: Benchmarks and Applications in Turbulence, Heat and Mass Transfer

    Jader R. Barbosa

    Federal University of Santa Catarina

    Fluid Flow and Thermal Phenomena in Emerging Cooling Technologies

      Branislav Basara & Suad Jakirlic

      TU Graz & TU Darmstadt

      Flow and Thermal Management in Automotive Engineering: Recent CFD Aided Developments

        Sharath Girimaji

        Texas A&M University

        Challenges and Opportunities in Scale-Resolving Simulations of Turbulence

          Cees Van der Geld

          Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

          Particle Dynamics in Turbulent Pipe Flow

            Yasuo Kawaguchi

            Tokyo University of Science

            Anomalous Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena in Drag Reducing Turbulence by using Surfactant

              Epaminondas Mastorakos

              Cambridge University

              Turbulent Combustion Modelling and Experiments – Recent Trends and Developments

                Sutanu Sarkar

                University of California at San Diego

                The Impact of Subsurface Turbulent Processes on the Upper Ocean Thermal Structure: LES Studies